We're Crowdfunding for Wetlands!!!

We have kicked off an exciting crowdfunding project, called ‘Wonderful Wetlands’, as part of Cheshire East Council's crowdfunding scheme.  This will fund the creation of better wetland habitats in the Carrs, in Wilmslow that will improve water quality and support more wildlife.

The Carrs Park is a well-loved parkland used by thousands of people every year.  Those that look after the Carrs have the very challenging job of balancing the needs of all those visitors, with ensuring that the River Bollin, woodland and wetland habitats in the area are in the best condition they possibly can be for local wildlife.  The Carrs Masterplan drew all of these challenges together, and there was a call for wetland areas to be more joined up and ambitious.

So, we have started a crowdfund to cover the costs of constructing and developing a wetland area in the Carrs.  This would be in areas of current wetland and wet woodland.  We will dig shallow scrapes and ponds to benefit birds, insects, mammals and amphibians, plant wetland plants and add some new trees as well. 

The project is called ‘Wonderful Wetlands’, and wetlands are indeed wonderful!  By making them bigger and better, these newly wet areas could store carbon and slow the flow of water, cleaning it naturally and reducing flood risk.  Wetlands also support an abundance of plant and insect life.  

We are very grateful to Cheshire East Council for backing this project by providing funding of almost £8,000.  We're 60% of the way towards our funding goal, and so we still need your help to reach our target to create wetlands.  

If you can, please donate to the Mersey Rivers Trust wetland project at:




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